About Us

Ponda is a biomaterials company developing novel textiles from truly regenerative fibres. We connect the regeneration of some of our most precious ecosystems to the production of responsible materials for the textile industry. Ponda partners with farmers and conservation groups to regenerate wetlands by cultivating Typha Latifolia, a native, shallow-water, rhizomatous perennial plant. Thriving in freshwater or slightly brackish marshes, Typha proves to be an ideal, low-maintenance crop for wetland restoration. Farming under these conditions is defined as paludiculture. Ponda has patented a fibre extraction method to harness the seed head fibre, transforming it into a valuable insulation material for the textile industry. Ponda’s biomaterials will create a net-reduction in carbon production, provide space for biodiversity to be protected and enhanced, mitigate flood risk through natural flood management, amongst other benefits.