About Us

At Level Nine, we’re developing next-generation catalysts to enable the molecules of tomorrow. Inspired by nature’s catalysts and building on breakthroughs in synthetic biology and nanotechnology, our world-first nanozymes offer unprecedented performance and control, unlocking transformative new bio-production possibilities across a range of industries. Our first suite of nanozymes transform lignin- a super-abundant waste stream from the paper and pulp industry that is currently largely burned- into high-value chemicals that are the building blocks for cosmetics, food products, plastics, or building materials. These renewable chemicals replace fossil fuel-derived chemicals and so help phase out the oil industry. Based in Berlin, we have a diverse and multidisciplinary team, with backgrounds in bio-nanotechnology, organic chemistry, computational chemistry, quantum modeling, and origins of life. We’ve been supported by some of Europe’s leading technology investors, are part of a vibrant deep tech and climate tech ecosystem, and are working with companies that are at the forefront of the transition to a fossil-free future.