About Us

About Genspace

Genspace is the world’s first community biology lab — a place where people of all backgrounds can learn, create, and grow with the life sciences. Since 2009, we have served the greater New York area by providing hands-on STEAM education programs for adults and youth, cultural and outreach events for the public, and a membership program to support New York’s community of creatives, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Our programs demystify scientific processes, provide a platform for innovation, and cultivate the next generation of life sciences leaders in emerging global technologies, such as biotechnology, neuroscience, genomics, and many more. 


Our mission is to foster a safe and inclusive community where all people – including those from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds – can experientially learn, boldly create, and meaningfully grow with the life sciences.


Everyone is empowered to use the life sciences to explore questions and develop applications that are connected to their lives and rooted in their communities.

You can read more about our history and core values on our website: https://www.genspace.org/mission.