About Us

We are accelerating the world's transformation to sustainable materials, by replacing fossil fuel sources with plants. We believe that all products should be responsibly sourced, traceable, and transparent — the sustainable source™.

At geno, we are breaking the planet's reliance on these fossil fuels by creating something better. Our vision to drive climate action at scale starts by making the same molecules, ingredients, and materials we rely on every day, but deriving them from more sustainable sources.

Spanning products across a wide variety of industries, geno’s technologies power high-performance at leading scale and volume, delivering plant-derived ingredients to some of the world’s largest brands. And with that we are shaping the creation of more transparent, traceable, and responsible global supply chains for brands and their consumers to rely on.

Our technology and capabilities, developed and honed over two decades, harness the ever-increasing power of biotechnology, where microorganisms and industrial processes are designed to ferment plant sugars into materials and ingredients.

geno Innovation Center is home to our world-class research and development team of engineers and scientists who have deployed more than $300 million in technology investment, collaborating to create a portfolio of 2,200 patents and applications. The IP covers product pathways, synthetic biology approaches to engineering microorganisms, processes to bio-manufacture products, their sometimes unique biological compositions, and product applications.

We work closely with some of the world’s leading brands to develop solutions that align superior performance and economics with sustainability. We also produce and market our own branded products and license our geno technology to some of the world’s largest manufacturers including Novamont, Qore® (a joint venture of Cargill and HELM), Covestro, and Aquafil.