About Us

GALY is growing the future.

 We are an army of dreamers that believe scientists are artists of a new era. We are envisioning a world where we can still produce sought-after materials without the physical turmoil we place on disadvantaged people and the planet. That is why we are revolutionizing the way we produce goods today and therefore sparking a much more sustainable form of doing agriculture.

However, nobody takes innovation seriously until you scale it. We are on it! By developing intelligent scale-up strategies with cotton cells, as the in-vitro cotton production market has never been done on an industrial scale, we are capable of doing something truly new.

With this mind, we gather a team of highly diverse subjects, ranging from genetic engineering, plant cell culture, bioreactor development, mathematics, statistics, designers, high-performance automation, stylists, illustrators, creative business development, marketing and branding strategies. A group with a strong sense of purpose on a mission to find ways to save our planet.

We are scientists. We are artists. We are creative.

And we are inviting brands to follow our lead, in order to ensure our planet’s survival.